Tapco Slate Synthetic Roof Tiles

Manufacturer: Tapco Slate
Unbreakable alternative to natural slate for new build and re-roofing projects. Lighter, tougher and easier to work with than real slate.

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Tapco Slate Synthetic Roof Tiles Plastic

  • Lightweight (12Kg/m2) Easy to handle and needs less support
  • Authentic appearance Real slate moulds and random textures
  • Uplift resistance Built-in InFlex camber for tighter fit
  • Consistent size No need to sort tiles by thickness
  • Easy preparation Easy to cut and no need to drill
  • Faster fitting Nail, exposure and spacing markings
  • Super strong Wont crack/break if dropped or walked on
  • Non-fading Protection against fading under sunlight
  • Lifetime warranty Fit with confidence
  • Low-Pitch use Can use on roofs as low as 14°
  • Complete system Compatible ridge tiles, top caps and breathable membrane
  • BBA amp; BS Certified Complies with BS476 Part 3 - an AA fire rating is achieved for insulation on boarded roofs
  • 100% Recyclable Conserve natural resources and reduce landfill

Synthetic Slate Roof Tiles from Tapco

(Available in Charcoal Black (aka Stone Black), Plum, Brick Red, Chestnut Brown and highly popular Steel Grey (aka Pewter Grey))

Tough and lightweight imitation roof slate

Modern, unbreakable alternative to natural slate for new build and re-roofing projects. Lighter, tougher and easier to work with than real slate; no surprise that roofer love it.

Moulded from casts of natural slate, they provide an authentic texture that looks amazing - year after year, with the advantage that they do not crack, curl or fade. Designed with a curvature, called InFlexTM, to provide a secure and watertight fit that resists uplift and winds up to 110mph.

Installs Quickly, Looks Great, Lasts Long

Available in a range of different colours, these faux roofing tiles give homeowners, designers and architects the freedom to express.

Blended from dolomite limestone and polypropylene, they are over 50% lighter and much less fragile than natural slate, so easier to handle too.

Being tougher, they can be walked on during installation, without risk of cracking. This fact alone can reduce wastage by 15%. They're also easy to cut and fit, so quick to install.

It's no wonder that roofing contractors love to work with them.

Special Features of Tapco Slate

Tapco Synthetic Slate Roof Tile Dimensions

Tapco Synthetic Slate Roof Tile Features

  1. Centre Line - quick positioning of tile
  2. Exposure Gauge - overlap consistently
  3. Horizontal Spacers - space evenly across batten
  4. Nail Targets - fix easily with no need to drill. Markings for Half-Slate cuts included.

New-Build and Re-Roofing Projects

Effective for new-build and re-roofing projects of any size; from small roof projects on residential property to large commercial and retail units.

Whitby Pavillion Re-Roofed with Tapco  Synthetic Slate Roof Tile

Synthetic slate roof tiles are increasingly chosen as the preferred product for re-roofing houses, garages, porches, bay windows and even conservatories.

Solid Roof Conservatory Conversions

The fitting of Tapco Slate roof tiles onto conservatory roofs is a popular choice for homeowners as it provides an attractive, watertight seal and ends the problems of 'too hot in summer' and 'too cold in winter'.

Leaking Conservatory Roof that's too cold in Winter Before Solid Tile Roof Conversion
Before: numerous leaks and too cold in Winter meant not being used.
Tapco Slate Tiled Conservatory Roof after Solid Tile Roof Conversion
After: fitted with synthetic tiled roof all problems solved.

Conservatories fitted with Tapco Slate can provide a much more comfortable environment and a room that you can use all year round.

Roof Coverage

Pitch Gauge Slates
14 to 22.5° (fully boarded) 6" (152mm) 22 per m2
22.5 to 25° (fully boarded, or felt and batten) 6" (152mm) 22 per m2
25 to 27.5° (fully boarded, or felt and batten) 6.5" (165mm) 20 per m2
27.5 to 30° (fully boarded, or felt and batten) 7" (178mm) 19 per m2
Over 30° (fully boarded, or felt and batten) 7.5" (191mm) 18 per m2

Technical Information

Size 295mm x 445mm x 5mm (11.6" x 17.5" x 0.19")
Weight Nominal 0.65 Kg
Material Recyclable blend of limestone and polypropylene
Batten Size 38mm x 25mm (1.5" x 1")
Pitch 14° to 90°
Fixing Large-headed galvanised steel nails - 30mm (1.5") by 2.5mm (0.1") using hammer or nail gun.
Aluminium or Copper nails may also be used but driving them through the slate may cause bending.
Longer 76mm (3") nail required for fixing ridge and hips
Cutting Fine-toothed handsaw, jigsaw, circular saw, or sharp utility blade
Storage/Temperature Must be conditioned at a temperature no lower than 7° for 24 hours prior to use.
May be installed in temperatures as low as 0° but must be hand fastened.
Tapco recommends fastening with a pneumatic gun in temperatures above 7°
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