Standard Eaves Beam

Manufacturer: Living Space
Heavy-duty, maintenance-free aluminium Eaves Beam comes with tough powder-coated finish. Glazing Bar support for the Self-Supporting Glazing System.

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Living Space Self-Supporting Roof System Eaves Beam

Eaves Beam

(Various lengths in White or Chocolate Brown.)

Part of the Self-Supporting Glazing System from Living Space.

DISCONTINUED RANGE - We no longer sell this product, however we offer an alternative self-supporting roof system on our other website. Take a look at our NEW Heavy Duty Self-Supporting Roof System.

The structural aluminium Eaves Beam forms part of the professionally engineered, Self-Supporting Glazing System. Available in various lengths the heavy-duty, maintenance-free Eaves Beam comes with tough powder-coated finish.

Designed for flexibility of use and ease of installation, the system is suitable for a wide variety of applications, including car ports and canopies, as well as traditional lean-to conservatory roofs.

Features & Benefits

  • Long Life Expectancy - super strong aluminium extrusion
  • Attractive and Durable - quality powder-coated finish
  • Maintenance-Free - nothing to do once fitted
  • Cost Effective and Less Wastage - multiple beam lengths

When used as an open-fronted roof, such as a carport, the Structural Eaves Beam should be supported ever 3m.

What you get with Eaves Beam

The Eaves Beam is supplied with End Caps (x2), Fixing Screws (x4) and Screw Cover Caps (x4).

Considerations & Fitting

Glazing Bar Spacing

It's important to space glazing bars in such a way that the roof will withstand calculated snow and wind loads based on it's geographic location. The majority of UK roofs should be designed to withstand a load of 600N/m2. However some parts of Scotland and the North East may need to be built to withstand 800N/m2 or even 1KN/m2.

The following graph and table shows the maximum Bar Spacing relative to the Bar Length and is based on the common 600N/m2 load using 25mm multiwall polycarbonate.

Self-Supporting Bar Spanning Guide

Bar Length Max. Sheet Width
3,000mm 1,000mm
3,250mm 850mm
3,500mm 710mm
3,750mm 565mm

Designing a Roof

Wondering what parts you will need? The following describes the individual parts required to build the example roofs.

Glazed Lean-To Roof - 4m x 2.5m (width x projection)

Example Roof Plan Item Qty Product Width Length
Example Glazed Lean-To Conservatory Roof 4m x 2.5m 1 1 Wall Plate n/a 4000mm
2 1 Structural Eaves Beam n/a 4000mm
3 3 Intermediate Glazing Bars n/a 2500mm
4 2 End Glazing Bars n/a 2500mm
5 1 Eaves Filler n/a 4000mm
6 2 25mm Polycarbonate Sheets 980mm 2500mm
  2 25mm Polycarbonate Sheets 944mm 2500mm

Glazed Lean-To Roof - 6m x 3m (width x projection)

Example Roof Plan Item Qty Product Width Length
Example Glazed Lean-To Conservatory Roof 6m x 3m 1 1 Wall Plate n/a 4000mm
2 1 Structural Eaves Beam n/a 6000mm
3 7 Intermediate Glazing Bars n/a 3000mm
4 2 End Glazing Bars n/a 3000mm
5 2 Eaves Filler n/a 4000mm
6 6 25mm Polycarbonate Sheets 730mm 3000mm
  2 25mm Polycarbonate Sheets 694mm 3000mm

Fitting Eaves Beam

Fitting the Eaves Beam is fairly straight forward. Once cut to desired length, it can be easly fixed to frames, posts or brickwork.

*Be sure to choose fixings that are suitable for your wall type. A strong Anchor fixings is often recommended for securing Wall Plates.

Eaves Fillers

The gaps between the Glazing Bars on the underside of the polycarbonate can be closed off using Eaves Fillers. These are optional PVCu profiles with rubber seals that cushion and seal against the underside of the polycarbonate panels.

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