Synseal XGC5 Global Gutter Bracket (5 Pack)

Manufacturer: Synseal
Pack of 5, Synseal XGC5 gutter brackets. High strength and easy-fit. Replacement brackets for the Global and Shield conservatory roof system.
Part number:XGC5W, XGC5B, XGC5C

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Synseal XGC5 Global Conservatory Gutter Brackets

5x Synseal XGC5 Gutter Brackets

(White, Chocolate Brown & Caramel)

Security against heavy rain and snow!

This pack of 5, high strength, easy-fit brackets are part of the Global Conservatory Roofing System from Synseal and are ideal as replacement brackets, for additional support, or as stock of spare brackets.

Fixing directly to the eaves beam and concealed within the gutter that hangs from it, these brackets are available in 3 popular colours to match common conservatory finishes: White, Cholocate Brown (Rosewood and Mahogany) and Caramel (Light Oak).

Identifying the XGC5 gutter bracket

XGC5 brackets are used with Global Eaves Beam (XEB7) and also Shield Eaves Beam (XEB6). They should not be confused with XGC4, which is designed for the low-pitch Global 600 system. The XGC4 and XGC5 are both compatible with standard Global guttering (XYGUT2).

Synseal Global XGC5 conservatory gutter bracket dimensions

A Length 158mm B Height 79mm C Thickness 21mm

Broken brackets are a common cause of leaking conservatory guttering and left untreated can result in further complications. So, it's best to replace broken brackets early. Whatsmore, you should ensure that they are spaced correctly (see below for details).

Fitting XGC5 gutter brackets

The Global conservatory roof system uses a gutter system that is quick and easy to fit.

Fitting Synseal Global XGC5 conservatory gutter brackets

  1. Hook top rear of bracket into eaves beam monkey tail
  2. Pivot bracket down until bottom locks onto eaves beam clip
  3. Push gutter (curled monkey tail clip on outside) into each bracket
  4. Pull front of each bracket upwards to clip into gutter monkey tail
  5. Re-fit the Under Gutter Trim (XGUT2) to cloak the gap between frames and gutter.

Note: Global brackets should be fitted at a maximum of 600mm centres and no more than 150mm from each end of eaves beam.

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