Window Stay Friction Hinge - Top Hung

Manufacturer: Securistyle
Pair of smooth operating, adjustable, high performance friction hinge for top-hung uPVC windows. Stack Height: 13 or 17mm. Hinge Length: 8" to 24".

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Secruistyle Defencder Window friction Hinge (13mm stack depth)

Window Stay Friction Hinges for Top-Hung Windows (Pair)
(Top Hung: Choose Stack Height of 13 or 17mm and hinge length 8 to 24")Securistyle Defender - smooth operation, high performance friction hinge

These hinges are designed to stay in any open position by means of friction and are designed for top-hung windows of uPVC or aluminium. We have hinges for side-hung windows under an alternative listing.

The Defender range of friction hinges, designed by leading manufacturer Securistyle, is tough, durable and offer truly reliable weather sealing.

Features & Benefits

  • Enhanced weather sealing - enclosed end caps, asymmetric location system and profiled vent are all help
  • Long life expectancy - uses Thermoplastic components and tested to 30,000 cycles
  • Smooth operation - patented lipped slider
  • Easy friction adjustment - without metal-to-metal contact
  • Friction screw misuse eliminated - robust cam friction device
  • High standard weather sealing - BS6375 Part 1
  • Quality Ferritic steel - BS EN ISO 10088/2 Grade 1.4016

Ordering the correct hinge

You can order this top-hung hinge with either a 13mm or a 17mm Stack Depth (see C below). To order the correct hinge you must be aware of the following choices:

  1. Hang Type - Top Hung swings from top with handle on the bottom of the sash. Side Hung swings vertically from one side with handle on opposite side (see A in diagram below)
  2. Hinge Length - length of the part that fixes to window frame (see B in diagram below)

Securistyle Defender Friction Hinge for uPVC and aluminium windows

This hinge is 18mm wide (see D in diagram above). It is the most common width and used for the vast majority of modern uPVC and aluminium windows. We recommend that you check this measurement, some older window frames may require a size of 14mm, this is quite rare.

Common symptoms of failing friction hinges

  • Difficulty opening and closing window
  • Window not closing tightly into frame
  • Draughts through closed window despite gaskets in place
  • Window fails to stay in position when partially open

If you experience any of the above then you should consider repairing or replacing the hinges, before the situation gets worse and also becomes a security risk.

Product Specification friction hinge

Top Hung Hinges

Hinge Length Max Vent Weight Max Vent Height Min Vent Height Hinge Dimension Opening Angle
(+/- 2.5°)
8" / 209mm 26lbs / 12kg 14" / 350mm 8" / 200mm 4.69" / 119mm 65°
10" / 259 35lbs / 16kg 16" / 400mm 11" / 275mm 5.15" / 131mm 80°
12" / 310mm 44lbs / 20kg 22" / 550mm 14" / 350mm 6.45" / 164mm 80°
16" / 412mm 46lbs / 21kg 29" / 780mm 20" / 500mm 9.4" / 239mm 80°
20" / 513mm 57lbs / 26kg 43" / 1100mm 27" / 700mm 8.46" / 215mm 50°
24" / 615mm 88lbs / 40kg 51" / 1300mm 33" / 850mm 6.14" / 156mm 37.5°
H24" / 615mm 110lbs / 50kg 59" / 1500mm 33" / 850mm 6.14" / 156mm 27°
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